Event Details

• Park at the Red Gate Parking Lot and walk back. There will be signs. The walk should only be five minutes.
• When you mozy your way back to the ZAT, sign in. This will reserve your spot within the hour-so you’ll be able to count down the minutes until you zip!
• Every hour, there will be prizes given out based on those who have signed in that hour, so make sure you sign in and are listening out for your name! See the list of prizes here.
Once you’ve signed in:
• You’ll be given a number, like a ticket, that you will need to keep with you. That number will be your key to getting your picture of your zip!
• Play around, eat, and enjoy your preparation to zip. Keep track of the time, though! We’ll need to get you harnessed up and ready to zip 15 minutes before you’re scheduled to go. Think of it as a line to ride an amusement park ride-as you wait for your turn, you get excited and read the signs about what you can expect on the ride or just fun facts. This  ground school” will help you stay safe as you climb and zip. Our number one goal on this day is to keep you safe, then  help you have fun. So while we make jokes and want to have a blast along with you, this is the most important part of the day. Whoo safety!

You can hammock, picnic, bring your own music, play frisbee or football, kick around a soccer ball, read, enjoy the peacefulness of the park, run/walk the trails, nature photography, practice your routine for clown camp this summer, parkour the trees, cloud watch, whatever your heart desires. This is your time to relax and get psyched for zipping and climbing.

What to bring and wear:
MUSTS: closed toed shoes and comfy clothes (we suggest longer shorts since the harness can cause them to kinda ride up)

IF YOU FEEL LIKE IT: Water bottle, sunscreen, a hat, camera, beach ball, or whatever you want to relax and have fun!

Cost: THIS FUN EXPERIENCE IS ONLY $10! (See Promotions! for more details and discounts on pricing!)

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One thought on “Event Details

  1. Paula

    Hi! I ziplined and have not received my photos emailed to me. Is it possible to get them? Thanks!

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