Get ready for Nov. 11!


The ZAT will be held on November 11, 2012, at UGA’s Outdoor Challenge Course located at the back of the Intramural Fields.

The ZAT is open to the entire UGA community (and those who are related to them) who wish to have fun, try something different, and let loose for a little bit of their day. Participants must be mentally and physically able to climb a tower on belay (using climbing ropes and harnesses) employing the metal “staples” on the pole. All participants must be of at least 10 years of age. Tucked away behind the UGA campus, the ZAT at the UGA Challenge Course gives you the chance to scream, laugh and generally let loose before the school year ends and summer officially begins!

The ZAT is sponsored and run by the UGA Challenge Course and Georgia Outdoor Recreation Program (GORP). Being the first course of it’s kind in Georgia, the UGA Challenge Course happily offers the 2012 ZAT as the first event where you, the zipper, have the chance to zip for as much as you wish for such a great price! Opened in 1995, the UGA Challenge Course has seen thousands of people come and have fun while seeing parts of their lives changed.

[http://bitly.com/RXo93K]-Follow this link to the Facebook event and let everyone know what you’ll be doing this Sunday!


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